Tree House
Log Home Services
Grady Cheek and his crew from Treehouse Log Home Services get our highest recommendation, beginning with the care that went into analyzing the job to prepare the quote for our consideration, and ending with the quality of work performed. They don’t just do a job and leave; they are working with us to form a partnership that will help us maintain our beautiful log home for all the years we are lucky enough to live in it. They did “extras” above and beyond the job they were hired for that literally made our lives easier and, in the process, they began to feel more like friends or family.

Dick and Judy
Howell, Michigan

We highly recommend Tree House Log Home Services! We first hired them to refurbish our newly owned, dilapidated log home four years ago when they returned it to a like-new condition. Although they assured us that they could refurbish the long-neglected logs to a healthy condition, we had no idea just how true that was. They worked diligently and competently throughout the job, and when they finished we were quite impressed with the job well done – honestly, they exceeded our expectations. One of our friends showed up and said, with her mouth wide open, “It looks like a beautifully sculpted piece of art!” We were so pleased with the experience and results that Tree House Log Home Services has become our sole home maintenance provider. We have confidently recommended them to others and they have thanked us for doing so.

Hass and Nikki
Fenton, Michigan