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A proper and well maintained coat of stain is a log home's first line of defense against mold, mildew, insects, and the elements. Without a properly maintained coat of stain, the logs of a home are completely exposed to anything that may damage them. Even small gaps in this protective coating allows water to soak into the wood and begin to further erode at the stain.

It is only through regular maintenance that a home can be kept protected from the elements.

We use a wide variety of staining products to fit any number of conditions and color preferences.

Without a properly applied coat of stain it is only a matter of time before mold, mildew, and rot begin to set into a log home's structure. Unless a home is completely sealed with a reliable product, it is vulnerable. We apply all of our products by hand; this is the only way to ensure that a complete layer of stain has been applied to the entire surface.