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Log Home Services
We not only provide numerous services, but we also will come out to a property to assess any structures for maintenance issues, areas of concern, or areas that should be monitered for issues in the future.

We have years of experiance that allows us to foresee many problems that a log home will encounter before they become an issue. While we cannot predict every issue, we have often provided customers with preventive services.

The key to maintaining a log home is analyzing and correction problem areas. These can include roof valleys that are pouring water into undesirable locations, areas more heavily exposed to the elements, or areas that have not been sealed properly.

Knowing what you need to be ready for and what to expect from a log home can prevent a lot of stress and worry down the road.

Being prepared is half the battle, and we can help you prepare and learn about the most important parts of a log home.
What To Expect